CIB at UMB Staged "China Day" for UMB Children's University

12. Júl 2021

CIB at UMB staged "China Day" successfully for UMB Children's University (CHU) on July 8th. During the day, the children had experienced in a pleasant atmosphere with great fun the Chinese language, calligraphy, tea and some other typical Chinese cultural elements through a series of culture-loaded activities and games, such as "Hello, China", "My First Writing with Chinese Brushes", "Fragrance of Tea".  In the born-nature of Children to learn, we just open their hearts of curiosity (在儿童的天性面前,我们只是打开一颗颗好奇的心灵).

Special thanks go to our four volunteers: It is your devotion and excellence that have opened a door of wonder for the CHU children.