The CIB logo adopts the CIH (Confucius Institute Headquarters) logo design of a dove flying into the world, the DUFE ring designand the UMB colours of brown and gray.

The dove is a symbol of peace, harmony and equality. The dove spreads its wings to embrace the world, and the world extends an arm to embrace the dove. The flying dove and the arm-extending world artistically form the Chinese character “han” (汉), which means the Chinese language.

The UMB colours of brown and gray reflect the university’s desire to get as close as possible to current trends and create a modern, dynamic, long-term brand that meets the internationaldimension characterizing the mission and philosophy of the university.

The DUFE ring design combines the CIH dove, the UMB colours and the world together.

The integration of CIH logo, DUFE ring and UMB colours reflects the partnership between the two universities with the support of CIH and the main mission of CIB.